(breakfast served until 11:30am)

Bacon & Egg Roll
the classic w bbq or tomato sauce on a soft white milk bun – available all day! (gfa)

Cook & Co Big Brekkie
two eggs, hand made potato rosti, bacon, spinach, grilled tomato, & mushies w sliced italian toast (gfa)

Winter Porridge
traditional porridge, made with your choice of milk, w poached pear, macadmia nuts & brown sugar (v)
dairy $10.5 soy or almond milk $12

Smashed Avo
fresh avocado, smashed w feta on sliced italian toast w lemon, rocket & sprinkled w pistachio dukkah (gfa, v)
add: a single poached egg $2.2
bacon $3.0
smoked salmon $4.0

Corn Fritters
w bacon, sour cream & house made capsicum jam
add: single poached egg $2.2

Snack Wrap
a poached egg, little bit of bacon, american cheese & bbq sauce in a half wrap, pre-made & ready to go

Turkish Eggs
eggs cooked in the pan w tomato, sujuk sausage, & feta, w toasted turkish

Chia Pudding
chia seed pudding w coconut, fresh fruit, macadamias, & sweetened w maple syrup (gfa, v)

Granola Bowl
house made toasted granola, honey sweetened greek yoghurt & seasonal fruit (v)

Belgium Waffles
w real maple syrup, berry compote & ice cream (v)
one waffle $9.5
two waffles $12.5



(our “ready to go range” is available all day until sold out!)

Ham & Cheese Toastie
double smoked leg ham & gruyere cheese on sliced italian (gfa)

‘Shroom Toastie
sauteed mushrooms, caramelised onion, spinach, & swiss cheese on sliced rye (gfa, v)

Chicken & Avo Toastie
chicken, avocado, tomato, & cheddar cheese on sliced Italian (gfa)

Smoked Salmon Turkish
smoked salmon, avocado, red onion, lettuce, & dill mayo on turkish (gfa)

Mini Toasted Croissants
snack sized croissants, toasted, with either tomato & cheese or ham & cheese (v)

Veggie Wrap
feta cheese, spinach, mushrooms, roasted capsicum, roast cauliflower, sweet potato, caramelised onion, & tomato relish in a green tortilla (v)

Tandoori Wrap
tandoori marinated chicken, w garlic yoghurt, cucumber, carrot, & green leaves in a tortilla wrap



Roasted Vegetable
& Quinoa Salad
can be served warm too!
small $6.5 large $9.5
add some extra protein…
grilled chicken, smoked salmon
feta cheese, or chickpea patty
$4.0 each

Soup of the Day
ask for today’s selection, served w turkish toast

Tortellini Boscaiola
veal tortellini, w creamy tomato, bacon & mushroom sauce, topped w parmesan cheese

Homemade Quiche
filled w kale, roasted capsicum,
oven dried tomato, caramelised onion pine nuts & feta cheese, w side salad

Greek Pita Wraps
slow cooked Greek style
lamb or chicken, served in a pita wrap filled w garlic yoghurt, onion, tomato
lettuce, & topped w a few hot chips
chicken $12.9 lamb $14.9
*also available ‘naked’ in a bowl

Salt & Pepper Squid
fried squid strips in our secret S&P blend, with salad, chips, and aioli

Bowl o’ Chips
a bowl of chips $4.0
or sweet potato chips $6.0
sauces: mayo, aioli, sour cream,
sweet chilli, hot chilli… 50c



Cook & Co Classic Burger
signature beef patty, pickles, american cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, mayo, mustard, & tomato sauce, w chips

Smokey Joe Burger
signature beef patty, gruyere cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, bacon, onion rings, w our smokey BBQ sauce, w chips

Grilled Chicken Burger
premium grilled chicken breast, w avocado, tomato, lettuce, carrot, red onion, & aioli, w chips
Add some home made chili sauce!

Vego Burger
house made chickpea & sweet potato patty, lots o’ salad, hummus, sour cream, & sweet chilli sauce, w chips


NAKED BURGERS & PITAS: all of the above can be served in a bowl, without the bun/wrap/roll!


Lil’ Cooks (for under 12s)

Lil’ Waffles
a belgium waffle w maple syrup & ice cream (v)

Lil’ Brekkie
one fried egg w a slice of toast

Lil’ Cheeseburger

signature beef patty OR grilled chicken, w cheese & sauce on a milk bun (gfa)
combo deal: w a scoop of chips & pop top juice or 600ml water




sweet potato chips



the cook & co signature roast made any which way you like it!
drink in: piccolo/espresso $3.0 cup $3.7 mug $4.4
take away: piccolo $3.0 sml $3.4 med $3.7 lge $4.4

shots 50c
syrups – vanilla, caramel, hazelnut 50c
milks – bonsoy | almond | coconut 50c

Chamelia Tea
english breakfast, earl grey, lemongrass & ginger, chamomile, gunpowder green, peppermint
drink in: pot $3.5
take away: med $3.0 lge $3.5

Hot chocolate | Mocha | Chai
drink in: cup $3.7 mug $4.4
take away: sml $3.4 med $3.7 lge $4.4

Masala Chai
drink in: pot $4.5
take away: med $3.7 lge $4.4

Iced Latte
fresh espresso, served over ice with your choice of milk & optional ice cream (50c)
drink in & take away: sml $3.7 med $4.4 lge $5.1

Cold Brew Coffee
slow, cold extracted coffee, resulting in a less acidic, sweeter brew.
Made w your choice of:
dairy milk, soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk
sml $4.7 med $5.4 lge $6.2
coconut water, san pellegrino
sml $5.2 med $5.9 lge $6.7

vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, caramel
take away: med $3.4 lge $4.4

see our fridge for soft drinks, kombucha, coconut water, juices, & other beverages….


(gfa) for our gluten free friends: you can order some sandwiches, burgers & breakfasts on gluten free bread ($1 extra). Or have your burger naked! Please inform us if you require your meal GF so we can be extra careful!

(v) for our vegetarian & vegan friends: these meals are vegetarian but we can tweak some meals to make them vegan! Please inform us if you require your meal vegan so we can tweak the meals and be extra careful!